Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Ode to the Cantabric Sea"

The Voice
of the World
speaks to Me,
in wondrous places
by the Sea

Seductive distraction
of water’s lull,
briefly resting
on sand clad shores,
arriving in concert
with salted wind,
echoing lyrics
already past.

The Seaglass Memories
of Poems,
yet to be written,
of sacred places
by the Sea.

Santander, Spain 2004


  1. I read this listening to "Broken Line" and was transported to those golden days when we all got together once a month to share our work. I still love this...thanks for posting.

  2. So why don't all of you get together again? There was great inspiration there. Bring the group together. I know others would like to as well.