Friday, August 20, 2010

"Of Shelter and Rain"

it rains very Hard
and Earthbound Water falls
upon a defiant Winter Garden.

it rains even Harder
but I sail adrift on the idea
of what Hard Rain falling
awakens in Me.

Descending drumbeat
elixir, that through Water,
striking and luminescent,
unlocks the Portal possibility
to a Soul's desired Reflection.

So under this long awaited flood,
YOU finally appear….
and through bittersweet
shades of Twilight,
I venture beyond
grand fortress windows
and let YOU in.

Over heavenly wet Earth,
We finally move,
and like raw Silk,
I breathlessly yield,
to the thirst quenching
Splendour, of this
one, final Surrender.

The grand torrent Rain
suddenly stops, but
with waterproof Skin,
drenched and filled
in the warm deepening
Afterglow of YOU,
it dawns on Me,
that if only under the Spell
of this Rain induced Reverie,
We might be

New Orleans, 2007

1 comment:

  1. This is really very powerful, you truly come from the heart, can't wait until your next poem!